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Our Mission

Be your own kind of beautiful

We believe in a clear truth. That beauty should be true, honest and simple. Never complex. It’s about loving how you, and only you feel. And it’s not about what others think. It’s pampering. With love, experience and passion. It’s spa treatments. Not spa treats. We believe that beautiful is what you already are. And beauty is just what you do with it.

The Beginning

It started with a dream

The Trimmings Salon & Spa story began in 2008. When Amanda Ong was daring enough to follow a dream and take a chance. Armed with nothing but a burning desire to make a difference in the beauty industry; The Trimmings Salon & Spa has been driven from day one by Amanda’s belief in simple, pure and exceptional beauty and spa treatments.

The Team


AMANDA Founder & Owner

Amanda has always been fuelled by passion. Passion to improve the spa and beauty industry. And passion to make a difference. Trained in London, she is known for her global experience and infinite knowledge. She believes that there is no standard too high. And compromise is not in her vocabulary. Amanda is devoted to the notion of simple beauty, to delivering excellence on every occasion, to her exceptional staff, which she personally trains herself, and most of all, to you.


ALVIN Creative Director & Salon Partner

There are a lot of words that can describe our Creative Director and Salon Partner, Alvin. Devoted, talented and exceptional are a few that come to mind. With a rich background in hairdressing, Alvin is now an educator and trainer at Trimmings Salon. His job is to train our talented staff to pick the perfect colour, style and cut to suit every face. And as a renowned educator in the industry, his finger is on the pulse of the latest hair trends. Passionate and gifted, Alvin lives by the belief that life isn’t perfect. But your hair can be.


Ladies' Cut, Wash + Blow Dry 45 - 60 mins $65 - $80
Mens' Cut, Wash + Blow dry 30 - 45 mins $50 - $65
Fringe Cut $10
Creative Director's Cutting Service add $20


Shampoo + Blow Dry30 - 45 mins $35 - $45
Add-OnsFlat Iron/Curling Iron/Rollers $10 - $25
Special Occasions + Updos25 - 60 mins $55 - $100


Cold Perm 90 - 120 mins $160 - $200
Digital Perm,Treatment + Cut 120 - 240 mins $360 - $420
Digital Perm,Rebond + Cut 180 - 300 mins $450 - $550
Creative Director's Texture Service Add 20%


Highlights - Full 120 - 180 mins $240 - $390
Highlights - Half 90 - 120 mins $180 - $320
Creative Highlights - Full 120 - 180 mins $280 - $410
Colour 90 - 120 mins $130 - $220
Colour Glossing 90 - 120 mins $100 - $160
Colour Regrowth 90 - 120 mins $110 - $140
Colour Correction 90 - 180 mins Upon Consultation
Creative Director's Colour Service Add 20%

straightening & anti frizz

Brazilian Blowout120 - 240 mins $320 - $380
Rebond / Volume Rebond120 - 240 mins $230 - $350
Creative Director's Texture Service Add 20%


Ladies30 mins $80 - $120
16 years and under30 mins $60
12 years and under20 mins $30


Intensive Scalp Treatment 60 - 90 mins
A popular treatment for hair loss, dandruff and sensitive scalp. See results in 2-3 sessions.
$95 - $120
Signature Deep Exfoliating Scalp 60 - 90 mins
A quarterly exfoliation treatment to remove build-up and promote healthy hair growth.
$95 - $120
Elasticizer / Olaplex 60 - 90 mins An effective treatment to strengthen your hair inside-out. $120 - $150
Scalp + Elasticizer / Olaplex 90 - 120 mins $155 - $200
Shine Treatment 60 mins
A deep conditioning treatment to repair damage and create lustous hair
$80 - $90
Hair Masque / Colour Savers Ampoules 25$

hair growth

Stem cell treatment for hair growth Our stem cell treatment uses proven nano cell technology to treat scalp disorder, stimulate hair growth and maximise cell function. Whether you’ve lost your hair due to trauma or genetics, you can take control of the health of your hair follicles.Includes a detailed hair and scalp analysis. $300
Scalp balance & detox A monthly treatment that deeply cleanses hair follicles to remove impurities. Our scalp balance and detox treatment improves micro blood circulation and increases oxygen supply to the scalp. This helps remove the bacteria that causes inflammation and dandruff, so scalp tissue can become thicker and healthy. Includes a detailed hair and scalp analysis. $150


Kids' Cut 20 - 30 mins $25 - $30
Kids' Cut + Wash 30 - 45 mins $30 - $40
Fringe Cut $10
Creative Director's Cutting Service add $10


Customised Teen Facial 55 mins $65
Teen Manicure 20 mins $28
Teen Pedicure 30 mins $36
Body Massage 45 mins $60

little ones

Little Miss Manicure15 mins $18
Little Miss Pedicure25 mins $20
Body Massage30 mins $45

spa parties

Best Friends Forever30 mins Miss Manicure + Pedicure $38 per friend
Princess Party75 mins Miss Manicure + Pedicure Hair Styling + Hair Wash + Take-Home Gift $66 per princess

signature facials

Oxy Diamond Facial with Collagen Masque75 mins A non-invasive, oxygen-based, skin resurfacing treatment. Exfoliates dead skin cells and blocked pores and leaves skin fresh and glowing. $120
Peptide-Hydro System $40
Double Mask $20
Decleor 10 Days VitaminC $70
Vitamin C Ampoules $25
Fibro3 Plus Peptide90 mins One of our most popular treatments. Revives your skin through the application of penta peptides and leaves it looking youthful and glowing with healthy cycles of collagen renewal. $285
Non-Surgical Facelift90 mins An intensive treatment that gives your skin a perfect contour while restoring your collagen cells. Gives your skin more bounce and elasticity without surgical or mechanical intervention. $285
L-Amino Multiples90 mins A popular, non-invasive treatment with peptides and chemical exfoliant to treat pigmentation, post-acne marks and wrinkles. Experience increased elasticity, melanocyte regulation and clear, radiant skin. $285

decléor facials

Radiance Facial60 mins A maintenance facial for radiance and essential wellbeing. For all skin types. $96
Decléor Aromaplasty, Intense Nutrition90 mins Weakened skin will instantly be hydrated, nourished and repaired with the application of this multivitamin facial. $150
Strengthening & Soothing75 mins For overexposure to sun and sensitive skin. This facial reinforces the skin barrier, strengthens, calms and soothes. Includes a lymphatic drainage massage to decongest and detoxify. $160
Complexion Correction75 mins A detoxifying treatment that balances, purifies and soothes acne-prone skin. $156
Ultimate Radiance with Super-Activated Vitamin C90 mins For healthy, luminous, brillant skin. This treatment addresses uneven skin tone that has been discoloured by excessive sunlight, ageing, pigmentation and acne scarring. Includes a mini-diamond dermabrasion. $185

Karin Herzog facials

Oxy Hydrant Facial60 mins
A popular maintenance facial for softer, smoother skin.
Oxy Pressure Instant Radiance Facial30 mins
A fabulous, pick-me-up facial for an immediate glow.
Oxy Purity Facial75 mins
A perfect, detoxifying oxygen treatment for congested, acne-prone skin.
Oxy Infusion Desensitizing & Strengthening75 mins
A highly effective, cell-strengthening facial treatment which helps to build a healthier and clearer skin complexion.
Express Facial30 mins
Includes deep pore cleanse, extraction or face massage.
Purifying Back Treatment60 mins $98

mens' facials

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial60 mins A purifying, deep-cleansing facial that eliminates blackheads and congestion, leaving skin squeaky clean. $96
Signature Peptide - Hydro Dermabrasion75 mins Created specifically for men who want fast results. Keep your skin hydrated, youthful and pigment-free with this effective facial. Includes Diamond Dermabrasion to exfoliate dead skin cells and blocked pores. $285

facial add-ons

Neck and Décolleté Treatment30mins $6o
Signature Peptide Plus Eye Treatment30mins $65
Mini Diamond Dermabrasion10mins $35
Extended Extractions10mins $15
Extended Facial Massage15mins $25
Decléor 10-Day Vitamin C10mins $70
Vitamin C Ampoule5mins $25
Back Massage15mins $30
Indian Head Massage25mins $45
Ear Candling25mins $40

eye treatments

Signature Peptide Plus Eye Treatment 40 mins Repair, revitalize and remove fine lines. $90
Eyelash Tint 15 mins $30
Eyebrow Tint 10 mins $20
Eyebrow Shape 15 mins $24
Eyelash Perm 75 mins $85
Eyelash Extensions 60 mins $98
Eyebrow Embroidery 120 mins Create natural-looking brows that blend with your existing brows. Lasts up to three years and includes a complimentary touch-up within three months.  $580

LHE hair remover

Upper Lips 15 mins $120
Chin 15 mins $120
Under Arms 20 mins $140
Lower Legs 30 mins $210
Bikini Line 15 mins $150
Bikini Line Extended 20 mins $180
G-String 20 mins $210
Brazilian 35 mins $300


Eyebrows 10 mins $24
Upper Lip 5 mins $13
Chin5 mins $13
Sideburns15 mins $27
Forehead15 mins $18
Nostrils10 mins $18
Full Face excl. Eyebrows25 mins $56
Under Arms15 mins $22
Lower Arms incl. Fingers15 mins $28
Upper Arms20 mins $25
Full Arms30 mins $45
Full Back30 mins $55
Abdomen20 mins $23
Full Legs45 mins $65
3/4 Legs40 mins $48
Lower Legs25 mins $33
Upper Legs25 mins $38
Basic Bikini15 mins $27
Bikini + a little more20 mins $32
G-String25 mins $38
Brazilian45 mins $68
Kindly Note:Mens’ Waxing will incur an extra charge of $5-$25.

day spa packages

Trimmings Ritual Retreat 345 mins Oxy Diamond Facial with Peptide-Hydo System Choice of Body Scrub Choice of 90 mins Massage Signature Deep Exfoliating Scalp Treatment Hot Cream Manicure & Pedicure $460
Dream Away 150 mins Choice of Scrub Choice of Wrap Choice of 90 min Massage $230
Urban Retreat For Men 195 mins Deep Pore Cleansing Facial Choice of 90 min Massage Sports Pedicure $240
Beautiful Bump 210 mins Radiance Facial Signature Deep Exfoliating Scalp Treatment Hot Cream Manicure & Pedicure $235

spa treatments

Traditional Javanese Balinese Aromatherapy Lymphatic Slimming Massage
30 mins $60
60 mins $95
90 mins $125
120 mins $155
Foot Reflexology
30 mins $50
60 mins $75
Add-Ons À la carte
Hot Stones
30 -
Fresh Coconut / Coffee Bean / Lular Dry Scrub 30 mins
$50 $60
Fresh Ginger & Spices Back Wrap 30 mins
$60 $70
Seaweed & Green Clay Body Wrap 30 mins
$60 $70
Ear / Naval Candling 30 mins
$40 $50
Indian Head Massage 30 mins
$45 $55

spray tanning

Professional Self Tanning Treatment (includes scrub) 45 mins An all-in-one treatment to achieve a healthy, sun-kissed glow to the face and body. $85
Touch-Up Application To enhance the tan within 7 days. $38

pre & post natal

Prenatal Massage60 mins $105
90 mins $140
Decléor Mother-to-be Retreat 80 mins A perfect, pampering, head-to-toe treatment for any stage of your pregnancy. Includes a soothing back and feet massage, followed by a toning, stretch marks reducing mask on the abdomen and a mini facial. $180
Signature Post Natal Massage & Bengkung Wrap60 mins / session Purchase four treatments separately and enjoy another three for free. An intensive and effective home treatment to eliminate bloating and restore both abdominal muscles and the uterus to its prenatal state. Includes lymph drainage, massage and a bengkung wrap to tighten and firm sagging and flabby abdominal skin. $250

spa manicure & pedicure

Hands45 mins $45
Feet75 mins $65

medical pedicure

Feet45 mins $60

hot cream

Hands30 mins $30
Feet45 mins $45
Hands & Feet90 mins $70

gel nails

Hands60 mins $65
Feet90 mins $80

sports grooming for men

Hands30 mins $35
Feet40 mins $50


Hands 20 mins $20
Feet 20 mins $27

file & polish

Hands15 mins $15
Feet 15 mins $15


French Polish / Gel $10
Strengthening Clear Gel 15 mins $15
Extended Foot Massage 15 mins $15
30 mins $30
Reflexology 30 mins $50
60 mins $75
Scrub + Deep Dermal Mask - Hands 20 mins $20
Scrub + Deep Dermal Mask - Feet 25 mins $25
Gel Soak Off 20 mins $20


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